Business Intelligence and Analytics Services

Obtain real insights from your business data and make informed decisions by minimizing risks with our business intelligence solutions. We use popular data visualization tools such as Tableau and Qlik to derive intelligent analytical insights enabling you to solve complex business problems.

Business Intelligence Services

From operational analysis towards
predictive analysis – BI at its best

Empowering businesses to take effective and faster decisions by offering user-friendly access to the BI solutions and Data Mining tools. We utilize versatile enterprise-class Business Intelligence (BI) solutions like Ad Hoc Reporting, Predictive Analysis, Mobile Apps as well as Data Visualization and Dashboards to transform data into actionable insight.

Our focused Business Intelligence and Analytics services with its powerful and visually stunning representation help businesses in fostering a data-driven culture. We believe in Optimized as well as Objective Data analysis and reporting so that the Information, Insight, and Foresight you derive will empower you to make informed and impacting business decisions.

From Operational Analysis towards
                  Predictive Analysis BI At Its Best

Our Business Intelligence Services

BI Dashboard Implementation

BI Dashboard Implementation

Our expert BI professionals have in-depth technical knowledge related to Business Intelligence tools and boast a proven experience in implementing all kinds of BI Solutions. Starting from data management to data warehousing and from data analytics to data visualization, our BI Implementation services span a wide spectrum. It does not matter whether you want to implement BI platform and packages for the first time or you want to merge data into different BI applications, we are there to help you.

Business Intelligence Consulting

Business Intelligence Consulting

Our Business Intelligence Consulting services are instrumental in facilitating execution of precise decisions and implementing the right BI solution at the different stages of business life cycle. Ensuring to bridge the gap between desired and expected BI implementation, we thrive to reduce the risk and maximize the success of your business. If you want to strengthen your data-driven decision-making abilities, we will help you in achieving your business goals and exceeding the competition.

Data Analysis and Visualization

Data Analysis and Visualization

Business strategy mapping, trend analysis, marketing plans and sales forecast are the core elements playing an important part in successful business decisions. We create customized Key Performance Indicators to track progress and identify the growth as well improve opportunities by analyzing the data generated by your company. ‘A good data analysis needs equally good visualization’, we use only the best data visualization tools to develop customized data visualization solutions.

Support and Maintenance

Support and Maintenance

We offer relentless support and maintenance twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week to all our clients seeking Business Intelligence Services from us. Our dedication and our strength motivate us to offer a range of BI support and maintenance services ensuring you are never late in taking right decisions. Whether it is critical reporting cycle on call or it is end-to-end customer support, our skilled team of business intelligence and data warehousing professionals will always respond in time.

Why Cina Trade LP

The right information at the right time helps critical business decision makers to take influencing business decisions. Cina Trade LP offers a comprehensive set of Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing services intended to make your organization even more agile, efficient and adaptable to informed business decisions.

Resource per Hour
  • Easy-to-use data visualization and exploratory platform.
  • Qlik Sense support level of data discovery probably unequaled by any other similar platforms.
  • Sophisticated architecture with built-in extensibility.
  • Inheriting the mature governed environment of QlikView it provides everything a large enterprise might need.
  • Built from ground up, it is possible to use and access it on mobile devices.
Fixed Cost Project
  • The ease-of-use offered by Tableau is almost legendary.
  • Scalable platform makes it possible to support some very large implementations.
  • Tableau servers offer readymade workbooks displaying dashboards and reports to the users.
  • Tableau makes it easier to answer deeper questions related to experiment with trend analyses, r egressions and correlations.
  • Its multi-tier architecture supports excellent scaling, making it easier to scale out and up as and when necessary.

Our Expertise

Enterprise Reporting

Enterprise Reporting

We work with state-of-the-art BI tools to create formatted reports, which are either batch generated, or as per client demand running inside or outside the firewall.

Agile Business Intelligence

Agile Business Intelligence

To help you deliver information quicker and in an affordable manner, we have embraced both, the Agile BI services and data visualization solutions.

Customized BI Dashboards

Customized BI Dashboards

We do not use tree view components or menu; instead, we use customized and innovative Business Intelligence dashboards to offer high-level data analysis.

Mobile Business Intelligence

Mobile Business Intelligence

At Cina Trade LP , we are empowered to optimize business intelligence and data warehousing across different platforms like mobile Apps, web solutions, and social media.

Industry Solutions

Fixed Cost


Increase patient outcome by moving to data-driven healthcare improvements for greater integration, automation and sophistication.

Financial Services

Increase revenue and decrease costs and gain uniform transformative journey, from an account-centric to a customer-centric framework.


Find a key to unlock the potential of your company. Cut non-value-adding activities, Cut inventories, Secure cash flow, Monitor delivery and Improve Services.

High Tech

Reduce risk $ cost, innovate, collaborate with value chain partners, deliver agile operations and improve sales and ROI with precise BI.

Public Sector

Do more with fewer resources and achieve a high level of performance, transparency and program accountability in the most affordable manner.

Energy and Utilities

Initiate actions for cost-to-serve reductions, attract and retain customers and track leading indicators by adjusting operations to changed market conditions.


Understand customer usage patterns, trend analysis for the area, time and product and launch precise marketing campaigns to target new audiences.

Life Sciences

Achieve and sustain complete insight into critical data to ensure appropriate decisions to deliver quality solutions for achieving organizational goals.

Consumer Products

Attract more customers, increase customer loyalty, enhance market share, optimize profit margin to improve operational efficiency.

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