Certified Image Moderation Services

Our Image, Content, and Video moderation services prevent your brand reputation from traducing due to offensive content, images or videos wrongly posted on your website. Our manual and automated moderation services are aimed to maintain your brand aura.

Image Moderation Services

Reliable and cost-effective Image Moderation Services

Images have a maximum visual impact on users, which makes it necessary to shield your brand reputation from attackers, spammers, and users posting inappropriate content and images. Our image moderation services are backed by a dedicated team of image and content moderators working round the clock on every single image, video or text posted, uploaded or shared on your website. We boast 99% accuracy and a very short turnaround time.

These days’ businesses are generating a huge amount of data, generated either by users or by the company itself giving rise to the definitive need of moderation services. We offer image, video, content and social media moderation services to evaluate a range of media uploads, from text posts, images, videos, unwanted pop-ups, miscellaneous files, attachments, and links. Our specifically designed image, content and video moderation services are not just limited to monitor your website and online reputation but also to engage, guide and help fair participation ensuring your business reputation remains intact and productive.

Reliable and Cost-Effective

Image, Content and Video Moderation Services

Custom Software Development

Image Moderation

By blending the best of software and human skills, our skilled image moderators work round the clock to ensure every single image uploaded or shared on your website is adherent to strict moderation guidelines. We maintain about 99% average accuracy rate and a very short turnaround time to protect your brand.

Web Application Development

Content Moderation

We combine the intelligence and compassion of human beings with the efficiency of manually developed content moderation tools. Our trained and certified multilingual content moderators use native culture and local language to moderate all the nuance content uploaded on your website or on social media channels.

CMS Development

Social Media Moderation

Enjoy complete online brand safety as we monitor and moderate your social media accounts. Easily handle a high volume of social media activity, capture missed social media opportunities, prevent social media crisis, as we develop workflows and security procedures with your legal, PR and brand guidelines in mind.

Features of our Fast and Accurate
Image Moderation Services

Swift & Effective

Swift & Effective

We take pride in our image and content moderation services that are quick, effective & glitch free. Our skilled image, content and social media moderators ensure, reviewing all types of content as soon as someone posts it. The moderated content then goes live in real-time. Offering quicker moderation result is possible for us due to our high-tech infrastructure and agile methodology.



Our image moderation team is highly skilled, with proven expertise and a shorter learning curve. We offer free hands-on training to our professionals for moderating content using best community practices. The scalability and customized offerings make our image moderation solutions extremely efficient and cost-effective. Our unique flexi-model empower us to shuffle our resources as and when required in a pre-defined budget.

Customized BI Dashboards

Obstinate Quality

Our in-house quality control team serves as a cream on cake that closely monitors every moderated image. Thus, our stringent quality guidelines ensure your website has those images only that meet your quality and policy guidelines. Continuous feedback and regular assessment makes us the best in industry

Customized Solutions

Customized Solutions

Depending on the needs of our clients and demographics, we can cater customized video, social media, and image moderation solutions. Moderation policy, resource availability, budget constraints or timing concerns, our image moderators take into account all your problems and customize solutions accordingly to meet your business objectives.

We Strictly Adhere to Stringent Image Moderation Guidelines

We strictly comply with standard image moderation guidelines. It is our duty to ensure no image molesting your privacy policy and quality guidelines goes live on your website. We filter and remove all the images, content, videos and links falling in the below-mentioned criteria

  • Graphic Content
  • Self-harm
  • Child-related Issues (COPA Compliance & Cyberbullying)
  • Identity & Privacy
  • Hate Speech
  • Phishing & Spam
  • Violence & Threats
  • Illegal Drug Use
  • Copyright Infringement
  • Illegal Advertisement
  • Obscenity
  • Nudity & Pornography

Our Scalable Image Moderation Process

We are a reputed and trustworthy multimedia moderation company working in a 24×7 environment never far from our clients. Our native moderators and content moderation experts identify and remove all the images that are inappropriate, traducing and harmful, assuring every single post on your website or social media channels reflect well on the brand you have worked so hard to create.

Since we follow agile methodology; we have a streamlined our image, content and video moderation your brand image. We start by reviewing, analyzing and flagging inappropriate images, content, videos, texts or links we assume to be inappropriate or voiding community guidelines. The flagged content is then sent to our quality assurance team for the final course of action. Depending on the severity and complying with the moderation guidelines, our quality control team consisting of certified moderators will either hide, remove, edit, or flag such content.

Before taking any stringent security measures like blocking users temporarily for specified time or for a lifetime, we take into consideration the output, level of threat, motive behind posting a malicious image and other few elements. First, we warn users, but whenever it is appropriate, we report users and take appropriate actions against users posting sexually explicit, abusive, and violent or child pornographic images, videos, links or content.

18 APR
Recognizing your perspective threats
Recognizing perspective
Arrange Compulsory Course of Action
Arrange Compulsory
Course of Action
Construct Moderation System
Construct Moderation System
10 APR
Build Appropriate
Build Appropriate Acceleration
Begin Daily Moderation
Begin Daily

How Our Moderation Services Deliver Unique Value

We protect your brand without

We protect your brand without
wasting time and resources

Proficient & skilled Image Moderators

Proficient & skilled Image Moderators
well versed in your industry niche

We thrive to deliver faster and higher

Delivering faster and higher quality
image moderation to satisfy our clients

QA and Testing

Our quality assurance team strictly
complies with all moderation guidelines

Seamless and efficient project handling

Seamless and efficient project handling
irrelevant of its size & criticality

We have 24/7/365 days working

Our 24/7/365 days working environment
offers much-needed flexibility

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